Conferents Bands is now well into in its third year Running Wind Bands during term time plus

Wind Band & Drama Courses in the three main School Holidays.

We have enjoyed the company of over 200 young players from more than 20 local schools!

Music, music, music!

I started the Wind Bands because I wanted the kids to have what I had when I was learning to play. A friendly, fun place to meet up with their mates and enjoy the thrill of playing music in a large ensemble. Learning an instrument shouldn’t be a solitary experience! Playing in a band is a great way for kids to develop their interest in, and connection with, their instrument and music. You will find it a little easier getting them to do the dreaded practice, because they enjoy playing the band pieces and working towards the next performance - it really does get them motivated! It is very important to make the music both fun and challenging. To achieve this, I arrange all the music personally according to each child’s ability. DR

Words, words, words!

I wanted to be an actress from the earliest age and yet I never liked to be dramatic! I was actually shy of stage performance. My interest lay in words and expressing them in the most natural and effective way possible. So here I am today offering ‘Drama’ and nothing has changed! My courses concentrate on the power of words and the art of good communication because every day of our lives, we talk and interact, and if we learn to do that well, it can benefit us every step of the way! Through a lot of well directed fun, each child will find their voice and we’ll all be able to enjoy them using it! SM

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