The Drama Courses run for a week during the three main school holidays.

We meet for five fun afternoons in Fulmer to enjoy Summer, Christmas or Easter themed sessions that culminate in a performance workshop on the Friday. This highlights the games, exercises, improvisations and scripts that we have been working on during the course and is a lovely opportunity for family and friends to get a feel for what we have been up to!


My courses are devised with every child in mind and are targeted to compliment ‘real life’. The children will learn to love words; to listen and observe (yes, really!); to focus and concentrate; to give opinions and enjoy discussion that sparks ideas and stimulates their imaginations. Shyness and overconfidence can find a happy medium. Each child will put aside technology for just a few days of the holiday and have a terrific time - talking...and in a way that makes you want to listen!

We also offer educational courses for schools, based on communication through the ages, entitled

From Caves to Computers - Communication is Key!

Call or email us now to register your interest and we will keep you up-to-date with the dates!

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